Jeanne Lauricella

Restauration de livres Anciens

- Paris -

What restoration means:

To protect, to reinforce, to restore, and finally to reconstruct, as close as possible to the esthetic qualities of the original, the aspect of an object, while at all time respecting the authenticity of it. Restoration is to strive to recover the object at its best, without erasing the marks of its own history.

Book's restoration is a fairly recent discipline in comparison to the restoration of paintings, furniture etc.

It started around 1850, at a time when Viollet-Le-Duc elaborated upon the concept of preservation of our artistic heritage.

The way the restoration of books, was conceived, at its very beginning, would appear as an over radical process, to today's eyes and sensitivities.

Nowadays, less is best; restoration is done respectuously and discreetly. A thoughtless and hazardous,restoration would never take place, even more so if it presented a risk of irreversibility

Consequently, a considerable practical experience, within this field, is an asset to the institutions, booksellers and the most demanding connoisseurs.

I am offering you, and the books you will entrust to my care, this experience .

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